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How to Use This Site

The primary purpose of this website is to provide a means for an alcoholic client in a treatment or hospital facility or an inmate in a correctional facility that has a desire to continue to not drink to find a local contact near their place of release to help them transition from the facility to meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous "on the outside".

To find an outside contact in the release area, simply click the map on the state or part of the state close to where the client/offender is being released to. This will take you to an information form so that you can enter the information about the person we are matching with the Bridge the Gap Contact.

In Bridge the Gap we have two levels of contacts - each area that is designated on the map has one primary contact. The Primary Contacts coordinate the meeting or "Bridge" between the client/offender and a local temporary or transition contact. The BTG Contact is usually from the town where the individual will be released. In large cities we try to match up subdivisions or suburbs. In small towns we try to match the same small town. In rural areas we try for the same county. It is the function of the Temporary Contact to help get the client/offender to their first outside meetings so that the individual can find a home group, find a sponsor, and and become comfortable in AA immediately upon release from the facility. We have found that the chance of relapse drops dramatically when this happens. The transition contact will NOT provide housing, food, clothing, jobs or money. We always match men with men and women with women, and try to get close to the same age if possible. For the anonymity of our contacts and to prevent spam we do not list email addresses on our website. Choose a state where the person being released will be going to. Then finish filling out the rest of the form. You will receive an email back confirming the contact as soon as possible. Further contact will then be directly through email or by phone and not through the website. The email that you provide is not added to any database or sold to any 3rd party. It is ONLY used to respond to the request that you send for a Bridge the Gap Contact.

If you have a question about the website and its function please contact us.

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